2015 – a journey through one year of data-driven work on more transparency on the IP Service Industry

With the IP Industry Base we are dedicated to create more transparency on the market for IP-related service, like patent attorneys, IP consulting firms or even NPEs. In 2015 we improved the IP Industry Base through more functionality, more data and higher quality of data. Th IP Industry Base changed a lot in the last 12 months. Follow our journey  through the year 2015 in this blog post.

Some months agow we started with our new newsletter. If you haven’t received the newsletter, simply create an account for the IP Industry Base and you will start to get all new issues. The account is free and most of the features presented in this journey are only accessible through an acccount.

dnaIn our first newsletter we introduced the DNA of the companies. The DNA is the visual heart of each company profile and displays the service portfolios of each company. The DNA makes you the basic service portfolio of each company easily understandable and comparable. The IP services assigned to each company are picked from the IP Service classification. They are shown on the DNA using different colors for each service family, like light green for legal services or orange for IP-related financial services.

Market transparency is not a static exercise, it requires continious monitoring. The IP Industry Base brings you always on the frontier of the currrent developments in the market.watch The Watch button feature is of high value and relevance for you. It allows you to keep track of any changes made in a profile you are following thrugh the wacth button. You can not only follow companies, persons or patents by clicking on the watch button, you can also follow any search filter. This allows you to keep track which new companies are opening offices in your town. You will see all updated information on your Live Feed as well as on the daily alert digest that will be sent to your registered email address.

main customerThe  Main Customers feature is the result of an innovative patent data analysis. It displays on the profiles of all patent attorneys the main technology companies which are using their services . The box is located on the left side of the profiles. The main customer feature helps you to better understand the customer base of any patent agent we have covered in the IPIB.

competitorsWhen looking at a company’s profile, you will find on the top menu a tab named Competitors. By clicking on this tab, you will see a brief analysis of the companies in our database that are providing similar services. Besides the services, it is also possible to compare similar companies according to the locations in which they are active in, as well their target markets. It is a nice feature to find companies in the market which your are not aware of at the moment.

portfolioThe Customer Portfolio Visualization is an overview of technology companies that are customers of a patent attorney. Reversely, for each technology company we provide your an overview of all IP service providers they have contracted in the past. We implemented this feature based on patent applications published at EPO in 2014 and 2015.We believe that linking technology companies to IP service providers will help analyze the IP markets and its actors, not only in Europe, but across the globe. In contrast to most of the other patent analysis solutions we do heavily invest into the highest possible quality of applicant and agent names alignments.

customer alertThe new Customer Alert consists of additional information you receive together with other alerts on the same daily uodates digest. It shows new customers (technology companies) that were added to a patent law firm you are watching. This way, you can keep yourself updated and, if you are interested in the customer portfolio a patent law firm has, you simply has to check out the portfolio visualization which is available at each company profile. Just like you receive updates on new technology companies that are added to a service provider, from now on, you will also receive the information regarding new service providers that were opbserved for technology companies. You receive the Service Provider Alert for any technology company you are watching.

mapWe do heavily invest in the quality of the company profiles. A lot of companies are part of a bigger corporate structure. The concept of Groups is used within the IP Industry Base to reflect these bigger structures of companies and to easily link these companies to each other. When accessing a company’s profile, you can also click on the group name to visualize all the other companies which belong to that group. Besides listing all the companies, you can also use the map feature (available for every list of companies) to locate all the members in a group. For more than 80% of all technology companies in the database information the cities of their offices are available.

patent profile As latest new feature the IPIB provides now individual Patent Profile for more than 260.000 patents (ie. for EP15174988). This number is increasing every day. We provide specific information on patents such as priority date, IPC classification or applicant. You can search for an EPO patent (with publication date 2014 and later) by typing its application number in the search box. Also, patent profiles are linked to the company profiles in the IPIB, as well to the IPC classifications. You will always reach a patent profile by following the links behind application numbers.

As this short 2015 journey reveals, we have created and improved many features along the year and we are looking forward to working on new improvements in 2016. We will provide you constantly with better ways to understand the IP service industry. Create an account for the IP Industry Base and stay up-to-date.

Featured Image from Bert Kaufmann under CC licence.