How much renewable energy capacity is already installed in your region?

Have you ever wondered how much renewable energy sources are already installed in your region? And how much it is compared to the still existing nuclear and fossil power plants?

If yes, our ELMEX tool will give you an answer. The National Regulatory Authority (“Bundesnetzagentur”) does regularly publish a list of all running power plants in Germany, including the information on capacity and dominant energy source. We took this nice open data and fed our book of competitors framework with it. As a result we have now fact sheets for each power plant in Germany in our new system, which we call ELMEX (ELectricity Markets and EXchange Database). The figure shows the fact sheet look for a gas-fired plant in Leipzig.

gaskraftwerk leipzigA very nice side effect of these fact sheets is the aggregated information of installed capacity.

verteilung D The figure shows the total distribution of installed capacity according to the data published by the Bundesnetzagentur. You can see that 49,1 % of the total installed capacity in Germany is already generating renewable energy (38 GW are photovoltaic and nearly 36 GW are wind power). And a capacity share of 6% is still allocated to nuclear power plants (the de-commissioning of the nuclear power plant in Grafenrheinfeld in June 2015 is not reflected by this data).

The overall situation in Germany is quite well-known. But what about the capacity mix in a specific region or in the neighborhood of your town? In ELMEX you can easily filter down the list of all power plants to specific regions or surroundings of cities. Our research institute is situated in Leipzig, Saxony. So we are interested in the distribution in our region Saxony.

verteilung SNThe data vizualisation shows quite impressively: the situation in Saxony is different from the average in Germany. Due to historical reasons there is no nuclear power plant, but a dominant role of fossil energy. Only a fraction of 7% is fueled by natural gas. In contrast lignite has a dominant role in Saxony, with an installed capacity of around 4,3 GW.

If you are interested in this kind of analyses for your region please contact Hendrik Kondziella to get an account to the ELMEX system.

Featured Image from Timothy Tolle under CC licence.