The long history of patenting companies and the new kids on the block

Recently we stumbled again across the GeoTemCo project from our esteemed colleagues at the image and signal processing department at the University of Leipzig. GeoTempCo is described as a web-based application which can easily be utilized to visualize data under geospatial, temporal and topical aspects. The main use case of GeoTemCo is the comparative analysis of several datasets. The tool is open-source and easy to set-up, hence we decided to play a bit with our data about the IP service industry.

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Using GeoTemCo to vizualize the history of IP industry segments

The data in the IPIB is well suited for this visual analytics approach. Each of the companies in the IPIB has geographical information (headquarters and offices) and temporal information (start of operation) attached. Furthermore we can divide the industry into different segments, based on the services they provide. The longest history in the IP industry do have the patenting companies, which usually provide at least the service 412 Applications And Renewals Of IP. Today, we have 662 different companies providing this service, with a long tradition back far in the 19th century. On the other hand we have rather new business models around IP related Finance Services are the new kids on the block. Currently this segment consits of 137 companies in the IPIB. In the GeoTemCo-vizualization you can see how both industry segments have been developed over the last years.