ASTP-Proton’s annual conference 2015 in Istanbul

ASTP-Proton is the premier, pan-European association for professionals involved in knowledge transfer between universities and industry. Its annual conference was titled “New Horizons, New Opportunities”. During the conference a booth for PROGRESS-TT was set up in which the role of Fraunhofer MOEZ within the project was explained to the conference participants. It was held on 20-22 May 2015 in Istanbul, hosted by the Turkish University – Industry Cooperation Centres Platform (USIMP).

ASTP Conference 1
Figure 1: ASTP, Pera and Fraunhofer representing PROGRESS-TT in Istambul

By promoting and professionalizing knowledge transfer practices, ASTP-Proton aims to enhance the impact of public research on society and the economy. It has several interest areas overlapping with Fraunhofer MOEZ’s interests and therefore is a perfect project partner for us.

The Conference program focused on different aspects of the knowledge transfer profession from a transnational perspective, including sessions on:

  • IP policies in Europe and beyond, how they motivate or deter researchers from knowledge transfer,
  • cases in providing innovation consultancy internationally, both from a provider and recipient point of view,
  • the evolving role and the latest developments of IP protection and management in China,
  • cross-cultural awareness and how to deal with business partners from different cultures,
  • success stories of spin-outs that went global and lessons they learnt along the way,
  • access to international funding to expand your TTO activities, and
  • the industry perspective on working with TTOs globally

The sessions were a good introduction to the various aspects of tech transfer and gave answers to some of the key questions as well as a solid understanding of what success looks like for a TTO. Additionally several booth were set up for networking and information purposes.

ASTP Conference 2
Figure 2: Liina Tonisson and Christopher Römer (Inventtory – Patent Trading Platform)