Where are the hot spots of the global IP Service Industry?

End of January 2014 the IP Industry Base covered more than 1,590 different providers in the global market on IP-related services. For these companies our database contained 3,202 offices in 837 different cities. This makes it a perfect showcase for the heatmap.js toolkit authored by Patrick Wied. The heatmap below shows how the offices of the IP Service Industry are spread globally.

Hot Spots of the IP Service Industry
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The heatmap vizualizaion indicates some hot spots of the global IP service industry. Where it is rational for IP service providers to establish offices? Obviously, the places where the tech companies are. If you look at US, you can see the “big IP dessert” between the tech hot spots on east and west coast. Another hot place for IP service providers is around the big patent offices, like the EPO. Munich seems to be one of the hottest places for IP business in Europe. And nevertheless there are regions with the strategic goal of becoming IP Hubs, like Singapore or Hong Kong.


We only collect the geolocations of the cities where the offices are located, not of the concrete adresses. hence, the vizualization only draws one check mark in Munich, instead of the expected 192. Furthermore, the vizualization does not base on a representative sample. At the time of writing, some regions, like Germany, Estonia or Bulgaria are overrepresented. Other regions like US and Japan tend to be underrepresented. However, the current vizualization reveals some good indicators for hot spots in the global IP service industry.